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Welcome to our St. Vincent Homes Web site.
We are pleased you found us because what we do is worth knowing.

St. Vincent Homes Resident
St. Vincent's in Tacony

St. Vincent Homes (SVH) is a program of Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We have provided services to Philadelphia's abandoned, abused and neglected children, and their families, for over 150 years. We currently operate five group homes in the Philadelphia area serving only teenage girls. Two of our five group homes also serve maternity teens and teen mothers. Our SVH programs are licensed by the State Department of Public Welfare with annual inspections for compliance with regulatory and performance standards. We are able to maintain our non-profit ministry due to the financial support of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, federal, state and local governmental agencies, and our kind and generous benefactors.

Youths who are admitted to our group homes are adjudicated by the Philadelphia Family Court as dependent, due to abuse and/or neglect in their home by caregivers or the absence of any caregiver, and placed into SVH through a referral by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS). The youths we serve are not adjudicated delinquent. Mainly, our youths have backgrounds of previous foster home placements and/or have previously resided with guardians who were unable to provide appropriate parenting to keep youths safe. In addition, many of the youths we serve have academic deficiencies as well as neglected medical, dental, and clinical service needs. It is our job to intervene and fix these deficiencies. In doing so, we provide direct, hands on assistance to all of our youths. We provide our youths with tools for building a successful life, in all areas of development, so they will not become lost, but will become contributors to our society. After all, our youths of today are our future.

St. Vincent Homes Chapel  St. VIncent Homes Chapel

In all of our group homes, youths can be admitted on a planned as well as emergency basis (24/7). After admittance, youths receive a full continuum of care, including medical, clinical, educational, spiritual and family services. Each youth is awarded a fully furnished private bedroom space, access to our tutoring areas and computer stations linked to the supervised internet, kitchen, dining, and recreational areas, and private hygiene areas. All youths receive nutritious meals supervised by our Nutritional Development Department, clothing and personal product allowances, are offered numerous recreational activities, and are supervised 24/7 by trained staff in a safe, clean, and annually inspected/licensed facility. Each youth is also assisted with developing a plan for successful transition back to the community by the social worker. Youths will attend school, therapy, keep their room clean, learn to practice positive hygiene skills, learn baby care for our teen mothers, and medical care for themselves. There are regular classes offered in parenting, life skills, medical interventions, math, reading, science, human sexuality and development. Youths also participate in a level system in each program, which is an incentive based motivational plan. The higher the level, the more independence, and yes, more allowance too. These are just a few of the things we do every day, seven days a week to assist our youths in achieving their goals, to become independent and future participants in society.

Our average length of stay is approximately 4 months. However, it can be more or less depending on the situation of each youth and their progress in care. All of our group homes are social service oriented and goal focused. Discharge planning begins at intake. It is the goal of the program to plan effectively with each youth and not have them linger in care unnecessarily. While most of our youths are discharged to a family member, other discharge options are to their own supervised apartment, to another group home, or to foster care. As always, determinations of discharges are based on safety as well as progress of the youth while in care. Each discharge plan is uniquely worked out for each youth with the assistance of our professional team, which includes social worker, therapist, DHS, and family court officials.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and please review our Web site. I hope you come back soon for our updates. God bless you!

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Main Office:
St. Vincent Homes
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